rAge Expo iPad App


Industry: Retail – Video Games (South Africa)
Year of Production: 2013

I was responsible for the art direction and user-interface design of a custom-built iPad application. The theme was “Medical Zombies”, to portray a strong horror theme incorporating zombies, hospitals and lots of blood!

At the rAge Expo, the Kalahari.net stand offered gamers the ability to pre-order forthcoming games with each gamer then receiving a discount voucher for those games promoted at the expo. The mechanism was as follows: (1) a voucher card with code was given to the user; (2) the code was inserted with a custom discount value then displayed; (3) the user selected a pre-release game of their choice; and (4) lastly sign-ups to Kalahari.net in order to shortly receive an email with notification of the game launch, with their e-voucher attached.