“Andrew, the website is beautiful, exactly what I wanted – you are amazing!!!”

Odine Oldewage, Owner, Imaginarium


  • Industry: Interior Decoration
  • Date: February 2015
  • Timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Total Cost: R11025*

Odine, the owner, approached me requiring a suite of creative deliverables forf her start-up business. I feel strongly in offering my client’s a number of creative options (ideally per deliverable) and thereby drawing them into the creative process so as to make it more personal for them. For example 3 options (with additional variations on each) for the logo, 3 options for the reverse of the business cards and 2 options for the letterhead template.

Due to the website’s budget, this product involved no prototyping / pre-vis of any sort: either structural wireframing or rendered page layouts within a dedicated graphics application (ie. Photoshop). Page template layouts and the general art direction is built directly within WordPress.


  • Logo development: R2700
  • Business cards – double sided: R900
  • Letterhead template – Word template: R675
  • Quotation template – Excel format: R450
  • Signage – per sign: R675
  • Website – WordPress with fully ‘responsive’ theme**: R4500***
  • Facebook banner graphic: R450
  • A5 leaflet – single sided: R675

* Cost as of February 2015 and are subject to fluctuation at any time.
** Page templates are based on a fully ‘responsive’ framework, the layout adapting across common devices – phone, tablet, laptop and desktop pc’s – for an optimal online browsing experience.
*** Included is one hour of free training. Excludes domain name registration and hosting (@ R1,600 per annum).